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Private Hanna Somatic Education

Carrie Wallace-Somatic Educator in the tradition of Thomas Hanna

Hanna Somatic Education specifically addresses muscular holding patterns that are at the root cause of pain.  HSE is different than massage and chiropractic because you are actively participating in the release of your muscle tension instead of passively having it done for you. Through gentle Hanna Somatic Education movement exercises you are teaching your muscles how to release tension, moving them in a voluntary and not in an involuntary, habituated way. Because you are actively participating in your healing, the effects are lasting! 

Each session begins with a intake form listing all surgeries, accidents and current conditions. An assessment of posture and gait while walking will follow in order to identify the muscular holding pattern the body is currently in. From there you will be guided through gentle movements to “unlock” the tight areas that are causing you pain, gaining more coordination and more ease in movement such as walking. 

Movement exercises will be sent home with you to continue the release of old patterning and establishing new. Re-establishing a new muscular pattern takes your active participation and committing to a daily routine is necessary in order to move and be in your body pain free.

Somatic movements are instrumental in re-balancing the body from sports that create asymmetry such as; golfing, baseball, climbing, cycling, kayaking, etc…

They are also great for releasing stress related tension from sitting at our desks, keyboarding, driving and stresses cause by accidents and trauma.

Common ailments that somatic therapy relieves are:

  Joint and muscle pain

  Neck, shoulder and back pain

  Sciatica

  Hip, knee and foot pain

  Sacroiliac Dysfunction

  Repetitive use injuries

  Poor posture

  Headaches

  Accident traumas and whiplash

  Frozen shoulder syndrome

  TMJ