Release Me – Somatic Yoga for pain relief (Workshop recommended)

This class is for anyone who experiences occasional or chronic pain in their body. The practice retrains your mind and body through gentle yoga postures and somatic movement.  You will learn to re-awaken sleepy muscles, release pain caused by muscle tension or trauma, re-balance the body and nervous system. It is a very subtle but effective way of working with the body and re-educates the way the brain senses and moves muscles.  


Intro to Gentle Somatic Yoga Workshop – Yoga for pain relief

2-hr workshop - $25

Our muscles move because our brain tells them too. Sometimes this communication stops due to an injury, surgery or everyday stress. This class helps us learn to reestablish communication. In this 2 hour workshop you will learn subtle movements that release tight muscles thereby releasing pain, or learn how to wake up sleeping muscles that have forgotten their job.  Teaching the brain and muscles how to have a successful conversation takes time and in this class you will receive the support and assistance necessary to release your pain. You will also have a great foundation and Somatic awareness to safely attend the Release Me class as part of our weekly schedule. This class is limited to 6 participants and is held twice a month. See our class schedule for dates


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