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Andrea, Instructor

Andrea has been practicing yoga for about seven years. As fate would have it her life took a sudden turn and relocated her from Detroit, MI to the Pacific Northwest in 2014 where she found an even deeper connection with yoga.

Upon moving away from her home and family, Andrea felt lost, confused and anxious much of the time. She found that immersing herself in her daily yoga practice helped calm and comfort her, and even heal some emotional pain from her past.

Once she felt the power of yoga, Andrea felt called to share that gift with others. She completed her yoga teacher training and began teaching almost immediately.

Andrea enjoys sharing the gift of calm with her students. She encourages using the breath as a guide, and brings the energy of focused presence to her classes. She thinks of yoga as a retreat, and invites students to devote that hour to nourishing themselves.

When Andrea is not on her yoga mat, you can find her spending time with her husband and friends. She also enjoys blogging about yoga and life, hiking and reading inspirational books.