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Christina, Instructor

My back hurt, everything upset me, the smallest thing would "set me off."  I was unpleasant to be around and was in a constant state of worry.  I worried about the small things that I could not control and larger issues that were not my own.  The past was a place of comfort and the unknown future was a constant source of my anxiety.  The present was far from my mind.  Almost 7 years ago, yoga became a tool that I could use to help break down the walls that fear and anxiety built when I wasn't looking.  My oldest sister brought me to my first studio practice in January 2011.  Flow Yoga in Leesburg, VA helped me to change my path.  I graduated from their 200-hour Teacher Training program in January 2012, studying the practice of Vinyasa under Marcia Hoffheins.  I love the healing power of yoga on and off the mat.  My practice has supported me through all the beauty life has brought as well as its many challenges. 

My classes are taught as a guided tour to turning inward.  It is my intention to guide you to find your peace within yourself, to work through, and not around, the challenges that you face in the present moment, and to accept this body, this breath, and this life as it is presented to you right now.

On the mat, you will find me alongside you, learning, breathing, and always working to be present through whatever life throws at me.  Off the mat, you can find me working out in my garage gym with my husband, taking care of our two little humans, and watching football on Sundays; my perfect equation for a well-balanced life!