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Andrea McLaughlin - 200 hour RYT

Private Restorative Yoga Sessions

Because we live in a fast-paced society where our minds and bodies are constantly stimulated and often over-worked, it is especially important to take time for simply “being”. Restorative Yoga gives you this opportunity by supporting your body with props in ways that encourage you to relax.

Some of the benefits of Restorative Yoga are:

  • Reduces stress

  • Helps regulate your nervous system

  • Calms your mind

  • Decreases heart rate

  • Releases muscular tension

  • Reduces fatigue

  • Meditative

  • Creates a deeper inner awareness

It is due to the impact on her own life that Andrea offers Restorative Yoga sessions. In a session, Andrea will set you up in in a few restorative poses tailored to your specific needs with the intention of creating a deeply relaxing experience.

Andrea is a 200 RYT, certified Reiki Practitioner, and graduate of Holistic Studies at Ann Harbor School of Massage, Herbal and Natural Medicine.

For questions or to schedule with Andrea, contact her at: For more information visit her website at:

1-hour session $88

1.5 - hour session $125

*Discounted packages available at $75 1-hour sessions

“Yoga has been tested for thousands of years.It is more than an experiment or last resort. It is a proven path to wellness, healing and longevity. It works” ~ Leeann Carey, author of Restorative Yoga Therapy