Ira, Instructor

My name is Ira and I have been teaching yoga in Finland and the UK since 2008. My personal practice has evolved and still keeps evolving from Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga to the stillness of Yin yoga and meditation. I have trained in different types and levels of yoga and my main focus is on breathing, safe alignment and helping you find the best way for YOU to practice today.

I believe that yoga is so different for everyone that as a teacher I cannot teach everyone the same way. So I like to move slowly and give you lots of options. Sometimes all you want to do is take a 60min Savasana and other times you might feel the need to move through a vigorous vinyasa practice. Every day is different.  My goal as a teacher is that you learn something new about yourself in every class.

I'm looking forward to sharing my class with you!