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Janiece, Instructor

My love for yoga sparked in high school when my mom and I tried out a yoga studio by our home. Immediately I fell in love with its calming and restoring nature and carried my practice through college and into adulthood. Yoga has played a huge role in helping me manage stress and anxiety. It continues to remind me to be immersed and grounded in the present moment. My style primarily gravitates towards a gentle yin style, and over the years I have developed a deep appreciation of practicing meditation and mindfulness.

In 2016 I began working as a birth and postpartum doula. I soon blended my birth work with yoga by completing my Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training through Synergy Yoga in Seattle. I am so excited to bring my knowledge of birth into my yoga teaching. So many of the techniques I have learned through yoga are highly applicable in aiding the labor process. Though birth is a large focus of mine, I believe yoga can benefit all of us in any stage of life. My classes are light-hearted, and I encourage an environment of self-love, kindness and respect.