Lindsey, Instructor

Lindsey began her yoga practice at the age of 16 after a diagnosis of scoliosis left her seeking a healthy back. She loved the way it made her body feel. But it was in the benefits that yoga brought her mentally and spiritually that made her practice stay a part of her life. She is eternally grateful to her own teacher, Fran Gallo of Seattle, for bringing this awareness to her. Lindsey’s desire to discover more led her to the Pacific Yoga Advanced Teacher Training 200hr program, which she completed in 2007. There she not only studied the asana, but also pranayama, philosophy, and anatomy from highly regarded teachers Theresa Elliot and Kathryn Payne.

Alignment and modifications are a priority in her teaching, as her intention is to prevent injury and provide a safe practice for all levels of students that will continue to benefit them for years to come. In addition, she hopes to foster a sense of exploration and play with the physical practice, that plants the seed for deeper exploration of Self. Lindsey works to bring a sense of community among her students, and brings an accepting and light-hearted approach to her classes.

When not on the mat, she is busy learning from her greatest teachers, her two young daughters and her amazing husband.