Liz, Instructor

Liz first practiced yoga in graduate school and immediately felt the benefits. Over time, witnessing the growing social emotional needs of students she worked with in schools, Liz began to look for ways to share the benefits of yoga with children. This led her to train with Yoga Calm, Mindful Schools, Kidding Around Yoga and she recently obtained her RYT with Satyam Yoga School.

Liz brings a broad skill set to her Kids Yoga and Tween/Teen Yoga classes.  She has degrees in both psychology and education and extensive experience working with all ages and special needs students. This educational background paired with her playful sense of humor and deep desire to plant the seeds of love for yoga result in classes that provide a safe nurturing environment where children have fun while they learn.  Classes are designed to encourage team work, cooperation, kindness, empathy and empowerment as well as skills in emotional regulation and mindfulness.

When she is not in the yoga studio, Liz spends her time with her family camping, hiking, or making dinner together. Liz’s favorite things (besides yoga) are: reading, crafting, walking her darling dog Lucy, and travel.