Mara, Instructor

Mara first took yoga "Back in the Day"...when no one really knew what it was. With two young boys, and a budding career, the path diverged and as paths do, she came full circle 8 years ago. The timing was right, and yoga found her again, because anyone can come back to yoga no matter the absence; no matter your age.

Loving the physicality of yoga at first, the magic soon began and before long, the invitation was to go deeper. Riding on the gift of the breath, she dove into the practice taking classes with numerous teachers, knowing that everyone had something to teach her. She is eternally grateful for all of them. She is especially grateful for her friend and teacher Rama Jyoti Vernon, who encouraged Mara to go even deeper and become a teacher herself.

Everyone wants to feel good in their body and mind.  The breath is the bridge that connects us to our fundamental goodness; our fundamental JOY! Mara's focus is to show a student how to find the breath and to allow the body to move freely, rather then to force the body. The true gift of yoga is the peace, balance and harmony that stay with you long after you’ve stepped off the mat. She believes that anyone can do yoga...if they have the right teacher.