Angela Brzoza, Licensed Massage Therapist

ANGELA BRZOZA, LMP#60553330, is the founder and provides the services offered at TEMPLE ARTS. Located in YOGA IN THE CENTER in Mill Creek town center, Angela is excited to be a part of a holistic minded community. 

As a young child in Canada, Angela studied dance. This began her exploration of the body in movement. In her early teens, the study and practice of yoga began to deepen her understanding of the mind, body, and spirit connection. Some years later, the study of Thai Massage came as a natural progression. Various yoga teacher trainings and workshops, Thai Massage training, dance training, health and wellness study, and many travels have broadened her experiences. This has led her to study, live, and teach in Canada, Hawaii, California, and Washington. Angela honors her many teachers as they have all contributed to the evolution of TEMPLE ARTS - the arts that keep your body a temple for your spirit.

TEMPLE ARTS- Traditional Thai Massage- Relaxation Massage- Yoga- Wellness

TRADITIONAL THAI MASSAGE can stand alone or complement your yoga or wellness routine. Thai Massage is a branch of Traditional Thai Medicine and, as such, is a holistic system that, like yoga, incorporates mind, body, and spirit. The client is relaxed on a mat in comfortable clothing. This style of massage incorporates a variety of techniques. Some of these include palm pressure, energy line & pressure point work, assisted stretches, fluid movements, deep tissue work, reflexology, and steamed Thai herbal compresses. Weather your needs are simple relaxation or deep therapeutic work, each session is unique and is tailored to your needs. Although the Thai system treats the individual from an energetic perspective, clients claim relief from various physical aches & pains, muscular tension, insomnia, well as benefits of mind & spirit!

RELAXATION MASSAGE is what is referred to as massage on a massage table. Massage oil and various effective techniques are used to create a stress relieving Swedish style session. Steamed herbal compresses are offered upon request. As always, the treatment is tailored to your needs and can include simple relaxation or therapeutic work.

PRENATAL MASSAGE is a deeply nurturing massage that uses steamed herbal compresses to support the pregnant mother and child. This treatment is tailored to your needs and changing body, mind, and spirit. Mothers in their 2nd or 3rd trimester are welcome to choose between Prenatal Thai Massage on a Thai mat, or Prenatal Relaxation Massage on a massage table.

YOGA PRIVATE INSTRUCTION gives you the foundation of a Yoga practice personalized for you and your individual needs. Each session works with your goals to create the ideal style of practice for you. Strength, flexibility, mobility, balance, health and wellness all increase. No yoga experience necessary. many conditions and current/ prior injuries can be accommodated.

 MASSAGE RATES- Thai/ Relaxation/ Prenatal

1 hr $75

1.5 $105

2 hr $130

$30 each additional 1/2 hr

* All Traditional Thai Massage sessions include steamed Thai herbal      compresses

* There is a $25 fee for any cancellation within 48 hours of scheduled appointment



1 hr $75


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