Nicole Walsh, massage therapist - Yoga in the Center

Nicole Walsh, Licensed Massage Therapist

Nicole is a licensed massage therapist who has been in practice since 1993. Her desire to help people began when she was a child. At family gatherings, Nicole would work her way around the room giving "mini massages" to all of her family members. Her grandmother recognized she had an innate ability to always know "where the pain was" on each family member. At her grandmother's urging, Nicole enrolled and graduated from the Seattle Massage School.  Nicole also incorporates the use of tuning forks into her massage. Her passion is to help people heal, treating them one-on-one with her intuitive massage techniques. 

Nicole became interested in energy medicine over ten years ago and is a graduate from the two year mentoring program of nationally recognized energy intuitive, Marie Manuchehri, RN. These studies honed Nicole's intuitive abilities as she built a successful practice treating her patients with a variety of holistic treatments including massage, Reiki, tuning forks and meditation.