Yoga in the Center: New to yoga?

Note:  Our general yoga classes are open to ages 13 and older if accompanied by a legal guardian.

New to Yoga?

It is important that before attending any yoga class that you are in good physical condition. 

There are so many physical and mental benefits that yoga provides. Our knowledgeable teachers and staff are here to support you and help you discover these benefits. We have a variety of classes for students of every level. Even if you consider yourself to be physically fit, please follow the recommendations below to ensure your yoga success. 

If you like more flowing movement and are newer to yoga, then consider starting with Hatha Flow,  Gentle Vinyasa or Mellow Flow. Starting here gives you time to familiarize yourself with the language of yoga, moving your body in a new and different way, at a pace that doesn’t feel overwhelming. Learning to move with your breath, working on specific alignment skills and developing strength, is strongly advised before attending the more dynamic and vigorous movements of Vinyasa L 1-2 .

For many people, Hatha classes are a better fit if you prefer a slower pace, more alignment instruction and time to set yourself up in poses. In some classes props are brought in to give your body feedback and to help support you. Hatha classes usually have longer holds and often times omit the tricky transitions that are found in flow classes. As your understanding of the asanas deepen and your strength increases you may find the advanced asanas in the level 1-2 classes fun and invigorating.

Yoga Basics is our ongoing class that is suitable and recommended for every healthy new student. In this class you will focus on the importance of the breath and gentle movement to get you back in connection with the body. You will also become familiar with the language of yoga, it's terms and names of poses, which is important when attending classes that begin to move more quickly.

Yin/Restore is a great class to unwind from the day/week. Long held poses supported with props, increase flexibility and invite you to let go of stress and tension from the body and the mind. 

Please take some time to review our class schedule and class descriptions. If you have any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 425-949-9190 and we will be more than happy to assist you.