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Private Hanna Somatic Education

Carrie Wallace-Somatic Educator in the tradition of Thomas Hanna

"If you want to untie a knot, you must look at the cord carefully, then gently undo the tangle. Yanking on the cord will only make the knot tighter." - Thomas Hanna

Hanna Somatic Education specifically address the brain-body relationship. Throughout our day, the brain is organizing our musculature based on it's conditioning. Accidents, injuries, repetitive sports, even daily stressors all create muscle holding patterns in our bodies. Sometimes this can be reflected back to you in the form of back pain, neck pain or shoulder/hip pain, headaches or breathing problems. H.S.E. works with your posture patterns and teaches you how reset the natural tone to your muscles through slow and controlled movements while developing and increasing your sensory awareness. Many people compare a Somatic session to that of just having had a massage. Except in this case the results are lasting because you are making the change at the level of your brain and body. 

Each session begins with a intake form listing all surgeries, accidents and current conditions. An assessment of posture and gait while walking will follow in order to identify the muscular holding pattern the body is currently in. From there you will be guided through gentle movements to “unlock” the tight areas that are causing you pain, gaining more coordination and more ease in movement such as walking. 

Movement exercises will be sent home with you to continue the release of old patterning and establishing new. Re-establishing a new muscular pattern takes your active participation and committing to a daily routine is necessary in order to move and be in your body pain free.

Somatic movements are instrumental in re-balancing the body from sports that create asymmetry such as; golfing, baseball, climbing, cycling, kayaking, etc…

They are also great for releasing stress related tension from sitting at our desks, keyboarding, driving and stresses cause by accidents and trauma.



A session runs approximately 75 minutes- $75



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