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Energy Healing: Jill Rivera Greene

We each have an unseen life force, or energy, that flows through us and fuels our lives. Like the gasoline in our cars, when this energy is low or the flow is blocked, our “engines” stall—we are more likely to feel stressed or exhausted, get sick, and have difficulty achieving our full potential. When our tanks are full and energy flows freely, we are happier, healthier, and better able to live our best life.

I use Reiki, intuition, and other energy medicine techniques to identify and help clients release energetic blocks. Reiki is a gentle approach to healing, using hands on or just above the body while you lie comfortably supported on a massage table.

After a healing session, clients report feeling “lighter” and more relaxed. Other benefits of Reiki may include reduced pain, better sleep, increased energy, and decreased anxiety. Reiki can complement other medical or therapeutic techniques to promote healing.


Energy healing session, 60 minutes: $70

***New client special (limited time): $50 for your first visit***


 Email or call to schedule:; 425.315.2929