How to Walk Backward: Preparing for Mercury in Retrograde

In Astrology Mercury is the planet which governs knowledge, communication, and travel. When Mercury reverses its regular course of motion in the sky and moves backward it is said to be in retrograde. This is when it seems that Murphy's law rules, as travel plans get delayed or cancelled, arguments happen with partners or spouses, and that small computer in your pocket seems to have a will of it’s own.

How to Walk Backward: Preparing for Mercury in Retrograde is a workshop focused on the planet Mercury, it’s meaning in your chart, and the potential effects of the retrograde period based on your birth chart which will be provided. For those interested who have little knowledge of Astrology, there will be an explanation of the birth chart as well as a cheat sheet to help you through the workshop.

Who is this workshop good for?

Anyone who is slightly curious about Astrology, on the path of self discovery or who is wanting to develop a deeper level of awareness of “Who Am I” that thinks, speaks, and moves through this world.

When is this workshop?

Saturday, May 2nd from 2pm to 4pm


Yoga in the Center, Mill Creek

15117 Main Street

Mill Creek, WA 98012

How much?

$30 registration until 04/26, $40 registration after 04/26

Registration closes 05/01

How do I register?

In person at Yoga in the Center or on our Website: Once registered, please email to get your birth chart information submitted.

          *10% discount for unlimited class members