Sound Meditation with Kim Parker

We are vibration. Think that sounds kind of hippy? Think again. Our bodies consist of cells that vibrate at specific frequencies in order to function properly. When that frequency is off, it's like a piano that's out of tune - it feels icky!

Sound is a powerful force. Research shows that our heartbeats sync to the beat of music - speeding up when we listen to upbeat pop or rock, and slowing down when we listen to soothing ballads or nature sounds.

Our brainwaves and mental functions are affected by the sounds around us, too. Prolonged exposure to chaotic sounds (ie, traffic noise or crying babies) can make our brains feel chaotic too, resulting in impatience and irritability, elevated blood pressure, and difficulty concentrating. On the other hand, organized sounds (ie, classical music) actually help to organize our brains. Exposure to highly organized, patterned sounds can help to lower blood pressure and cortisol (stress hormone) levels, as well as improve mental focus and problem-solving skills.

When we're feeling a bit off, we can use sound to guide the body, mind, and mood back to a place of harmony. Himalayan Singing Bowls are a powerful tool for just that!

Join Kim Parker for 75 minutes devoted to returning balance to your body and mind.

We will begin with a brief guided breathing and gentle movement practice, followed by a sound bath meditation with Himalayan Singing Bowls. Students will lie down on yoga mats with blankets and bolsters to get comfortable while Kim plays harmonic patterns with the Himalayan Singing Bowls at the center of our circle. It's like a yoga nap, complete with soothing, live tunes!

The vibration of the Himalayan Singing Bowls releases stress, clears the mind, and helps the body relax deeply, allowing your body’s natural healing abilities to function at their best. All you have to do is lie down and breathe! Students will also be treated to sound massage, experiencing the healing vibrations of the bowls placed on your body.


Sound Meditation with Kim Parker

Dates/Times:  Sunday, October 20, 2019 @ 6:00pm - 7:15pm

Location:  Yoga in the Center, Mill Creek, Washington

One evening to relax & recenter:   $35

  • 10% for studio members with monthly unlimited passes

Refund Policy:  Cancelled registrations are only eligible for a refund (minus $10 processing fee) up to date Oct 15, 2019 



Kim Parker is passionate about helping stressed-out, hardworking people take a deep breath so they can get their groove back.  She will help you reconnect with your strength, practice compassion toward yourself and others, and explore greater balance in your life. 

Kim is a 200-HR Certified Yoga Teacher, certified Himalayan Singing Bowl practitioner, wife, mama, recovering perfectionist, and lover of dark chocolate and Caribbean music.

A lifelong musician, Kim has a breadth of experience including performances from Carnegie Hall to Trinidadian folk festivals to the Great Wall of China, and many stops in between!  She is humbled to bring the healing vibrations of music to Yoga in the Center.