Carrie has built a space with very talented and mindful yoga teachers. Your experience at Yoga in the Center goes deeper than just a good workout. There's something special going on over there.

- Logan B.

Beautiful new studio in great location in Mill Creek Town Center, with a great variety of classes and wonderful, caring teachers.

- Lesley V.

Yoga in the Center has a fabulous variety of classes from excellent, experienced teachers all wrapped up in a peaceful, mellow vibe. Love this studio!

- Peg S.

Friendly and welcoming people with a peaceful space to practice.

- Ellen H.

"Amazing environment and great people!!!! Highly recommended!!!! Make sure to get Thai massage with Angela. Best experience ever. Thanks!"

- Irina R.

Warm and welcoming teachers with a variety of classes catering to a broad range of audience.

- Amritha I.

"I strength train up to 6 days a week and was looking for a yoga class to help with sore, tight muscles. After trying two other local yoga studios I found Yoga in the Center. I was able to quickly and easily register/pay for a session online. I love that I was able to have 18 sessions for $18 as a new participant. Upon arriving I was greeted by owners Carrie and Bruce. They are both so friendly and made me feel welcome. I haven't practiced yoga in several years, Carrie watched to ensure my posture was appropriate and made me feel special not bad when corrected. The next week I talked my husband into joining me. He was nervous as he hasn't practiced yoga, I told him to speak up if he had a question. He said "I thought you weren't allowed to talk during yoga." I told him it's not that kind of studio, they want you to learn.

If you are looking for a warm, inviting, beautiful place to practice yoga I highly recommend Yoga in the Center, you will be happy that you did. Namaste"

- Michele S.

"Today I got to explore a beautiful new studio in the Millcreek Towncenter. They have some really awesome instructors fellow Lululemon ambassadors. Super friendly community oriented offer infused water and child care for some noon classes and it's a nonheated space few and far in between in the Pacific Northwest. My new favorite place."

- Elvis G.

Yoga in the Center (YiTC) is a warm, welcoming studio with all the best that yoga has to offer!  The studio offers a broad array of classes for all levels of participants. I love that the teachers at YiTC offer modifications for poses, as not every pose is accessible to all bodies or body types. These modifications are offered in a manner so that one does not feel like the odd "man" out for not being able to get into a certain pose. As a person who has felt like they were "called out" for not being able to get into one pose or another at other local studios, I greatly appreciate the non-judgmental approach at YiTC.

- Alexandra G.

I am new to Yoga, so I was a little apprehensive about attending my first class, but my experience at Yoga in the Center was great.  The instructor, Judi, was very patient and supportive, and seemed genuinely concerned about her students.  She offered alternative poses for anyone having difficulty.  The classroom was comfortable and the other students were very friendly.   I would definitely recommend this yoga studio

- Lana H.

"Carrie is a gentle and inspiring teacher. I felt safe and comfortable in her classes as a beginning student, because she is gifted at seeing what is happening in the body and offering adjustments, modifications, and props to help each student find the pose that is right for them. As I become more experienced, Carrie keeps me challenged and growing at just the right pace. Her Yin classes are a special treat ... I always leave feeling completely relaxed and nurtured in body, mind, and soul."

Jill G.

"Two years ago, I was a "mature" woman with no yoga experience and no flexibility. Carrie and Kate's ability to support my growth has enabled me to feel much stronger and more stable. Worrying about falling is a thing of the past. Everyone's practice is unique and there is no competition or comparison. They are both essential members of the village that keeps me living at my best. Plus, it is really FUN!"  

- Cherri P.

"Carrie is a thoughtful and precise instructor with whom I have enjoyed learning the challenges of yoga. She is able to break down poses as she instructs, and she is always mindful of the forces on your body to help you find correct alignment and avoid injury."

- Jodi K.

I was anti-Yoga for a long, long time.  A lot of guys are.  I had a change of heart late October trying to figure out how to help my low back pain that I have worked on with various Chiro's and physical therapy.  I figured I'd give yoga a shot.  Glad I did.

My wife and I gave Yoga in the Center a try.  We signed up for the 18 days for $18 and did a few classes.  I was sold after attending a Somatic Restorative class.  It felt awesome leaving the studio.  For the month of December, I continued on and signed up for the unlimited month.  I have done a class or two classes per day.  There were a few missed days, but not too many.  I have really enjoyed my time at the studio.

Studio - It is very nice.  One large studio and one small.  The lobby area is nice, but can be a little cramped after class if it is a full class.  I only show up with my house key and some clothes, so I do not use a locker and kind of stay out of the way.

Scheduling - Their website and software is awesome.  I set up an account and all I do is click on register for whatever class I am going to.  I typically sign up about 1/2 hour before the class.  Then, I walk over from my place and I am all set.  I walk in, the front desk sees me and clicks me off the list on their end.  It is easy peasy.

Owners - The owners have been really great to me.  I was really apprehensive doing the 18 days for $18 and figured I would get some hard sales call or some type of sales pitch at some point.  I am not a big fan of pushy selling techniques, so I was relieved to not receive any pressure to purchase or sign up for a monthly package or pack of classes, etc....  It was more like, check us out, experience our study, if you like it, cool, if not, that is ok too....  I noticed another reviewer was bent out of shape not receiving a call after her 18 days were up, I was more relieved that I did not receive one and could make up my own mind without a sales pitch.

I also thought I might wear out my welcome by doing so many classes in a month, but there has not been one time that an owner or teacher has shown any negativity or rudeness towards me.  I was really grateful for that.  The owners were always welcoming and I can't remember a time yet that they have not greeted me with a smile.

Also, the owners and teachers have been very helpful.  They have been very open to questions and will spend some time helping out.

Teachers - I have attended a class with almost all of the teachers.  I think there are two teachers I have not a class with.  Each teacher is different of course, but I have found them all to be unique in their own ways and have usually enjoyed all my classes.  If I haven't enjoyed a class, it was mainly due to me having different expectations of the class.  For example, I wanted to do more strengthening poses, but it was more of a relaxed mellow type class.  I thought the teachers in all of my classes were great, so nothing critical to say here!

Classes - A variety of classes.  I have tried quite a few, but have strayed away from the more advanced classes until recently.  There's a good mix and a class for anybody, I think.

Schedule - I think this would be my only critical mark.  Some of the class times would be tricky to make if you are working a set 9 to 5 schedule or 8 to 6, etc.. Especially if you are a commuter.  If you have flexibility, then, no biggie.  

In close, if you are looking to get into yoga or are looking for a new studio, give Yoga in the Center a try.  The 18 days for $18 is a pretty great deal.  They are warm and welcoming with no sales pitch!

- Lee S.