Tween-Teen Yoga

Our Tween-Teen Yoga Class is specifically created for youths ages 9 to 15. Students will practice yoga sequences designed to enhance strength, flexibility, self acceptance and comfort in their bodies. The posture (asanas) of yoga are know to improve balance coordination and concentration. Students will also learn about mindfulness through fun, playful and engaging games, increasing awareness, cooperation and helpfulness.  

The asana/physical practice of yoga allows students to develop skills that will help them regulate their mental and emotional states while promoting better focus, clarity and creativity. Several breathing practices will be introduced that will teach them how they can reduce anxiety and stress.   

Each class will conclude with a guided relaxation/meditation giving students techniques they can use in daily life to find a sense of calm and well being whenever they need it. 

The non-judgmental nature of yoga allows students an opportunity to see themselves as they really are, helping them find compassion and kindness towards self and others, while engaging them and honoring their own experience, perspective and interests.

No previous yoga experience required  





Date: Friday, August 10 & 17
Time: 5:30 – 6:30 pm
Cost:  Free
Ages:  Open to youth ages 9-15 years old

Instructor:  Liz Abendroth