Vandana Chalana, instructor - Yoga in the Center

Vandana Chalana, Instructor

Vandana is a graduate of the Pacific Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training Program. After about 7 years of practicing different forms of yoga, Vandana decided to combine her two passions – teaching and yoga. Under the guidance of Theresa Elliot and Kathryn Payne she finished her certification in 2012. Inspired by Theresa’s teachings on body mechanics and Kathryn’s teachings on yoga philosophy, Vandana’s teaching style emphasizes proper alignment, connection with breath while moving through poses, and self-exploration. In her class, students experience a variety of techniques – playfulness of the vinyasa style, concentration in stationary postures, and simple breakdown of postures to explore alignment.  All of these are done with the primary purpose of keeping students safe. She believes that by focusing on the tangible, physical body first, yoga can help us know our bodies better which will ultimately, lead to self-awareness and self-acceptance. Vandana continues her lifelong yoga journey through various workshops and teaching a variety of yoga classes at health clubs, gyms and schools to all ranges of people from adults to teens.