Yoga Class Descriptions

Please arrive to class on time especially if you are *new* to our studio. There are waivers to be read and signed and an important check in time with the teacher. Please note, there will be no late admittance.

It is advised that if you are new to yoga please start with the slower, gentler classes to become familiar with the new language, names of poses (asanas) and to become familiar with your body, breath and movement.

Yoga Basics, Hatha Flow and Gentle Vinyasa classes are open to ages 13 and up if accompanied by an adult. 

Gentle Vinyasa - Healthy beginners to experienced:  In this class the body is given a long warm up that involves gentle movements that begin to cultivate the vinyasa element of coordinating the mind, movement of the body and breath. The pace of the class is slow enough so that weather you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner you have the opportunity to develop an understanding of what you are experiencing in your body and to adapt based on instruction and alignment guidelines, building strength and confidence. 

Hatha  - Healthy beginners to experienced:  Hatha Yoga is a slower paced class that allows ample time for the you to focus on developing skills and alignment in poses, based on instruction and alignment guidelines. Props are offered to provide feedback into the body helping you to develop strength and confidence in the poses. This is an excellent class for beginners as well as those who prefer longer holds and time to experience their body and breath in the poses.

Hatha 1-2 - Yoga experience strongly recommended: Much like the foundation established in Hatha 1, this class begins to explore the more physically challenging postures of arm balances and handstands. The poses maybe held longer and props suggested to help develop proprioception in the body. Each class is well planned as each pose builds upon the previous to allow you the necessary time to develop the necessary skills and strength to advance to the next. Throughout the class you are encouraged to listen to your body and to never move beyond your physical capacity.   

Hatha Exploration - Healthy beginners to experienced: This class is a blend of Yoga, Pilates, Functional Movement and Somatics. Through the marrying of these different modalities, you are invited into the exploration of your body through different lenses and how this movement might translate into daily activities. Props such as walls, chairs, blocks, straps and balancing disks, offers you the opportunity to recruit important muscles while exploring the poses of Hatha Yoga. The usage of props provides stability while helping you develop better proprioception during the longer holds in poses. Because this class has a body-exploration emphasis, there will be discussions that arise between participants and the teacher and feedback is not only welcomed but encouraged.   

Hatha Flow - Healthy beginners to experienced: Hatha Flow offers more movement than Hatha while still honoring longer holds in poses so you can apply the instructions and alignment suggestions. Props are offered at times to help provide feedback or to assist you in a particular pose. A generous warm up of gentle movements prepare the body to advance in the practice and plenty of relaxation time to finish leaving you feeling amazing afterward.

Integrative Vinyasa L1-2 - Healthy beginner and some yoga experience suggested:  The class is a combination of different fitness models such as Pilates, Yoga, Functional and Primal Movement, Kinetic Stretching and Somatics, to create a fun and energetic Vinyasa Flow. The intention of Integrative Vinyasa is to improve motor skills, joint strength and flexibility that will translate into your regular yoga practice and other activities you enjoy such as walking, running or hiking. We move our bodies around in unfamiliar patterns, on our mats and on the bare floor, exploring our strength and flexibility at new angles and shapes while incorporating yoga postures. The use of props is creative and useful in helping to create better awareness and new actions within our muscles and joints. At times the practice can be challenging however you are given suggestions on how to adapt and encouraged to rest as needed.  

Mellow Flow - Healthy beginners to experienced: This class visits the gentler side of Vinyasa. Throughout the class the body is encouraged to release tension by gentle strengthening and stretching. A restorative/yin finish is the final touch that allows the stress from your day to dissolve. A perfect way to begin and end your week.

Prenatal Yoga - Healthy pregnancy: Prenatal Yoga helps prepare the mother-to-be for the physical and emotional demands of labor, deliver, and motherhood. You will practice pranayama (breathing techniques) to aid in relaxation and focus, and build strength and flexibility through asana (physical postures) all designed for the wellbeing of the pregnant mom. 

Postnatal Yoga - Must be cleared by doctor for exercise: Postnatal Yoga allows the new mom to nurture herself both physically and emotionally. New moms have the opportunity to connect with others, while gently rebuilding abdominal strength, restoring tone to the pelvic floor and relieving tension in the neck, shoulders, and back. Mom and baby are set up in a way that baby can be part of the practice or nap, and comfortable positions with props are offered if baby needs to be fed. Moms are encouraged to welcome all experiences that their new baby brings.

Somatic Body Experience - In the tradition of Hanna Somatic Education: This class is for anyone who experiences occasional or chronic pain in their body. It is a very subtle but effective way of moving that re-educates your muscles at the level of your brain. The movements or exercises are called pandiculation, much like a yawn. During these mindful movements you are encourage to sense what is happening and learning to execute the movements in a fluid and controlled way. As your brain and muscles learn to communicate more efficiently, muscle tension that is causing you pain releases and balance and coordination is restored. Most of the practice is done lying on the floor, however a chair can be provided for you. 

Vinyasa Level 1 - Yoga experience suggested: Vinyasa is a faster paced class where the poses are linked together in a series of movements that are synchronized with the breath. Instruction in alignment and how to navigate transitions is given throughout the class to help you establish a strong and solid foundation. There is also an exploration into the nuances of beginning arm balances and how to set up those important foundations. Due to the nature of this practice, there are some cardiovascular benefits as well, producing increased heart rate and sweat.

Vinyasa Level 1-2- Yoga experience required: Much like level 1- Vinyasa, the beginning of class is dedicated to setting a strong, solid foundation as you are guided towards the more playful and advanced poses of yoga, such as handstands or exploring the many arm balances of yoga. The pace is a bit quicker and transitions often more creative, providing an opportunity to build strength in various planes of in motion. Instruction and alignment guidelines are given throughout class and you are encouraged to respect and listen to your body, moving only in a way that honors that.

Wake me up Vinyasa L1-2 Yoga experience required: Please see description for Vinyasa 1-2

Yin/Restorative - Healthy individuals: Yin Yoga is the balancing practice for your Yang lifestyle. By holding the stretching poses of yoga you are targeting the connective tissue of joints and is said to bring about more flexibility. The Restorative piece of this practice offers you support with bolsters, blankets or blocks enabling you to feel supported. This prevents you from going beyond your limits therebyallowing you to turn your focus inward cultivating your own little get-away. Most of our life is about "doing", this practice is about "undoing" the effects of stress, athletics and the busyness that life brings. 

Yin-Yang Vinyasa L1-2 - Yoga experience required:  Don't let the word Yin mislead you. This is a very strong Yang, heating Vinyasa practice with a side of Yin. Weather Yin is set at the beginning of the practice or at the end, this blend of Vinyasa and Yin is sure to deliver you the best of two worlds. 

Yoga Basics - Healthy beginner to experienced:  This is a great class for the beginner and those wanting a gentler practice. The class focuses on the breath along with gentle movement designed to reconnect the student back into the body. The class moves at a slower pace giving students an opportunity to explore how they feel in a pose and how the breath plays a part in that discovery.

Yoga Nidra - Beginners to experienced: Yoga Nidra is guided meditation, practiced in a comfortable and supported reclined position. Yoga Nidra allows your body and mind to rest while you access inner wisdom and guidance, through a dreamlike journey, filled with soothing imagery, calming music, and long moments of silence. It facilitates a state of peace and joy at the deepest levels in a nurturing and supportive way leaving you feeling relaxed and refreshed. In Yoga Nidra, you can expect quiet moments of reflection and lots of time to simply be. This class includes gentle restorative postures done on the floor to prepare the body for the Yoga Nidra experience. No particular skill in yoga is necessary to enjoy and benefit.