To ensure your success...

Please arrive to class on time especially if you are *new* to our studio. There are waivers to be read and signed and a necessary check-in time with the teacher. Please note, there will be no late admittance.

It is advised that if you are new to yoga please start with the slower, gentler classes to become familiar with the new language, names of poses (asanas) and to become familiar with your body, breath and movement.

Yoga Basics, Hatha Flow and Gentle Vinyasa classes are open to ages 13 and up if accompanied by an adult.

We want you to succeed so Please look over our class descriptions carefully to choose the right class for you and your current fitness level. 

Gentle Vinyasa - Healthy beginners to experienced:  In this class the body is given a long warm up that involves gentle movements that begin to cultivate the vinyasa element of coordinating the mind, movement of the body and breath. The pace of the class is slow enough so that whether you are a beginner or seasoned practitioner you have the opportunity to develop an understanding of what you are experiencing in your body and to adapt based on instruction and alignment guidelines, building strength and confidence. 

Hatha Flow - Healthy beginners to experienced: Hatha Flow offers more movement than Hatha while still honoring longer holds in poses so you can apply the instructions and alignment suggestions. Props are offered at times to help provide feedback or to assist you in a particular pose. A generous warm up of gentle movements prepare the body to advance in the practice and plenty of relaxation time to finish leaving you feeling amazing afterward. This is a 1 hour class

Gentle Hatha - Healthy beginners to experienced:  No fast pace here! just nice gentle yoga postures to build a little warmth, pranayama (breath), then winding down with a calming restorative finish to help release the tension from your day.

Kettle-Bell Flow - Yoga experience strongly suggested: Looking for a little challenge to your weekly practice, then our Kettle-Bell Flow class is designed for you. All the same yoga asanas you know and love with a little added weight to spice things up. Why? Because your body is brilliant and will adapt to whatever you offer it. If you want to continue to challenge it, you need to offer a variety of movement and load (weight). Variety is the spice of life or in this case the spice of your yoga practice. 

Flow and Restore - Healthy beginners to experienced: This class visits the gentler side of Vinyasa. Each class begins with calming restorative postures to down regulate your nervous system from your day, then brings you into movement to build a little warmth in your body. The restorative finish is the final touch that returns your nervous system back into it’s calm state, allowing the body to release physical and mental tension from your day and week. Props such as blankets, bolsters and blocks are used in order to set yourself to achieve your optimal relaxation experience.

Prenatal Yoga - Healthy pregnancy: Prenatal Yoga helps prepare the mother-to-be for the physical and emotional demands of labor, deliver, and motherhood. You will practice pranayama (breathing techniques) to aid in relaxation and focus, and build strength and flexibility through asana (physical postures) all designed for the well being of the pregnant mom. Arriving on time is crucial for this class so the instructor can check in with you to see how you are feeling in your body that day. We do not allow late entry.

Postnatal Yoga - Must be cleared by doctor for exercise: Postnatal Yoga allows new moms to nurture themselves both physically and emotionally. New moms have the opportunity to connect with others, while gently rebuilding abdominal strength, restoring tone to your pelvic floor and relieving tension in your neck, shoulders, and back. You and your baby are set up in a way that baby can be part of the practice or nap, and comfortable positions with props are offered if baby needs to be fed. The emphasis is on you as a new mother, nurtured and supported as you experience all the newness that your new baby brings.

Primal Moves Level 1-2 - Yoga experience suggested: Before you could walk, run or do the activities you love, you spent a lot of time on the floor learning to manage the weight of your head, stabilizing and moving from your center mass (core) and navigating your limbs. Basically, you earned the necessary strength and coordination to get upright and walk. Once this happened you were off and running! But then life "stuff" comes along; sitting for hours a day, little accidents or injuries here and there, habituated muscular patterns set in and all of a sudden your not moving as well as you used to. Primal Moves is a blend of early childhood development, animal movements and yoga. Every class gets you back to the floor and re-introduces you to muscles developed in infancy. Animal movements engages your brain and muscles in new ways creating new neural pathways, giving you more movement options and possibilities. Each class is an opportunity to awaken into your deepest core stabilizers, learn how to move and navigate your body on the floor, to kneeling, eventually getting upright, playing in movement and balance. You will begin to notice an improvement in your coordination, strength and balance as well as a deeper mind-body-awareness. Life is not lived on a rectangle and neither should your movement. Primal Moves helps you break free from what is linear and move beyond your mat. This class demands quite a bit out of the wrists, however modifications can be found as your wrist strength and mobility increase. 

Relax and Restore - Healthy beginners to experienced: Nurture your body and mind through practicing breath awareness, gentle yoga, restorative and guided meditation. A perfect class to help let go of the Monday blues and preparing mentally as well as physically for your week ahead.

Somatics, Neuromuscular education - In the tradition of Hanna Somatic Education: This class is for anyone who experiences occasional or chronic pain in their body or wanting to improve their posture.  It is a very subtle but effective way of moving that re-educates your muscles at the level of your brain. The movements or exercises are called pandiculation, much like a yawn. During these mindful movements you are encourage to sense what is happening and learning to execute the movements in a fluid and controlled way. As your brain and muscles learn to communicate more efficiently, muscle tension that is causing you pain releases and balance and coordination is restored. Most of the practice is done lying on the floor, however a chair can be provided for you. 

Vinyasa Level 1 - Yoga experience suggested: Vinyasa is a faster paced class where the poses are linked together in a series of movements that are synchronized with the breath. Instruction in alignment and how to navigate transitions is given throughout the class to help you establish a strong and solid foundation. There is also an exploration into the nuances of beginning arm balances and how to set up those important foundations. Due to the nature of this practice, there are some cardiovascular benefits as well, producing increased heart rate and sweat.

Vinyasa Level 1-2- Healthy beginners to experienced: Much like level 1- Vinyasa, the beginning of class is dedicated to setting a strong, solid foundation as you are guided towards the more playful and advanced poses of yoga, such as handstands or exploring the many arm balances of yoga. The pace is a bit quicker and transitions often more creative, providing an opportunity to build strength in various planes of motion. Instruction and alignment guidelines are given throughout class and you are encouraged to respect and listen to your body, moving only in a way that honors that.

Vinyasa L2 - Yoga experience strongly suggested:  Bringing the intensity of Vinyasa up a notch as we spend less time in the level one piece so that we can explore the more advanced poses and navigating complex transitions. A strong practice is recommended along with a good sense of body awareness.  

Restorative: Restorative yoga traditionally targets your nervous system by upregulating the parasympathetic response, your calm state and downregulating the sympathetic, fight or flight that heightens neuromuscular activity. In this class you will be instructed to how to set yourself up with props so that you can maximize these intentions, addressing your individual needs including posture, limited flexibility, hypermobility, areas your taking care of and other musculoskeletal concerns. Your body and mind can fully relax when supported, allowing you to turn your focus inward cultivating your own little get-away. Most of our life is about "doing", this practice is about "undoing" the effects of stress, athletics and the busyness that life brings. 

Yoga Basics - Healthy beginner to experienced:  This is a great class for the beginner and those wanting to develop a strong foundation in this practice of yoga. The class focuses on basic yoga postures and introduces skills and at times props to help you find the necessary action of your musculature to feel strong and supported. In class you are invited to into the sensations occurring within your body fostering a sense of curiosity of how you move and fit into the shapes of yoga. The class moves at a slower pace giving you an opportunity to explore who you are in a pose, how you feel and celebrating your very own uniqueness. This is a 1 hour class